Covington Personal Injury Attorney Defends Client In Tug Boat Accident

The Mississippi River is the hub of all types of commercial activity. Hundreds of vessels navigate the river every day. You can see large ocean-going vessels, tugboats, barges, and cruise ships navigating along the river. Although accidents are not commonplace, they do occur often with serious.serious injuries including death. Thanks to the Jones Act, maritime employees are protected in the event they are injured. An additional complication is that victims often have difficulty receiving medical attention quickly because of the difficulty reaching a hospital when injured on the river.

Tugboats are constructed to help move ships and barges on the river. These industrial vessels are sturdy with powerful engines. Often their work is dangerous because their duties of pulling or pushing other vehicles that are unable to move on their own. 

If you are injured or left disabled or a family member has been injured in a maritime accident, contact Tim Upton at The Upton Law Firm. He will determine if the accident was the result of negligence and fight for justice for you to receive the compensations that you deserve. Remember it is important to contact this attorney as soon as possible because there is a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit for injuries.

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Personal Injury Attorney Metairie Helps People Avoid Common Mistakes

When an accident has occurred, it is important to call the police. The individual at fault may offer to handle the damages privately. You need to know that without a police report on file, you may not even be able to prove that the accident occurred. It is in your best interest to call the police to document the facts of the collision. Do not accept responsibility for the accident.  It is the responsibility of the police to determine who is at fault.

When the officer is filling out the report, it is important to notify him of your injury even if it is minor so that it will be included in the report. In that way, if the injury is serious and you are not yet aware of its magnitude, there is documentation.

When offered medical attention, do not deny it. The police see accidents every day and the people that are affected. They are in a more objective position to determine if you should be checked out by a doctor. Failure to agree to medical check up may impact your case negatively with insurance companies. Also for your well-being, it is important that a physician checks you out.

When an insurance company requests a written or recorded statement, politely decline until you contact this personal injury attorney, Peyton B. Burkhalter Law to evaluate the merits of your case and determine the best way to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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The Importance Of Having A New Orleans Divorce Attorney

Facing the prospect of a divorce can be challenging without the help of a divorce lawyer. Other than providing legal help, an experienced New Orleans divorce lawyer gives support and the best legal assistance as well as serving as a mediator. You and your spouse may have many resentments and negative emotions toward each other and have difficulty reaching agreement. Your divorce lawyer is trained to assist you and your spouse to come to an settlement much faster which can save you thousands of dollars.

Going through a divorce can be the most emotionally and physically draining experience of your life. Your attorney will lessen your load by taking care of the details and by being there each step of the way giving you guidance. The division of property, assets, as well as debt can be complicated; therefore, it is necessary to hire an individual who will defend your position to insure that you receive a fair distribution. Your attorney has your best interest in mind; and you are guaranteed to have your rights protected by knowing what portion of the marital assets you may be entitled to. If you have been married long enough, you may be entitled to a portion of your spouses’ Social Security.

You are definitely putting yourself at a legal disadvantage if you do not hire a reputable attorney. Being unfamiliar with the law can cause many mistakes, as well as frustration. If you have property and children involved, hire a Louisiana family law attorney to have peace of mind and know that the details of your divorce are in the hands of an expert. For more information, visit

Criminal Defense Attorney in New Orleans Louisiana

new orleans lawyerHave you gotten in big trouble in New Orleans Louisiana? You need to get a good criminal attorney. Stephen Hébert is a great criminal defense attorney New Orleans. He has a fantastic record and was a former Orleans parish prosecutor. Dont risk your freedom with any attorney. Trust someone who cares.

He is AV peer rated and is highly skilled as an attorney. He is also a DWI attorney New Orleans. There are many attorneys to chose from but Stephen has a great track record that puts him above his competition.

So if you are risking your freedom make sure you get the right attorney. That has won many cases and has plenty of time to devote to your case. Many attorney work on numbers but you want someone that will give you their full attention. Stephen has been featured in super lawyers magazine and several other publications.

How to find the best attorney in New Orleans

Have you gotten yourself in trouble in the New Orleans area? Have you gotten a DWI in New Orleans? If so you will need a DWI attorney New Orleans that can help you get over this troublesome event. They are experts at helping you get your life back to normal. This can be a very confusing time to say the least.

I’m sure that your life seems upside down right now. You need to take steps to get your drivers license back and and to avoid possible jail time and huge fines. Don’t make the mistake of trying to take on the legal system alone. Get a professional to help you with these legal issues.

Make sure your New Orleans criminal lawyer specializes in DWI cases and that will give you the best chances of getting out of this without jail time. Take this very seriously and get started as soon as possible. Your attorney will need time to get the cast together and to prepare for court. This is very important for your success.

These are just some tips but make sure you consult with an attorney to get all of the legal advice that you need.